Creating A Comfortable Breakroom

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Creating A Comfortable Breakroom

Lunch Room Chairs

Breakrooms are essential for every organization. A breakroom is a place where employees get together to relax, to have a cup of coffee, to catch up with co-employees or to play games like table tennis or air hockey.

In larger organizations, the breakroom is one of the most popular places for employees to hang out and rejuvenate themselves. There is a lot that can be learned from the breakrooms of successful companies. However, all these remarkable breakrooms have a few elements in common, be it free coffee or comfortable lunch room chairs. Giving your employees a comfortable breakroom is also key to keeping them happy and in turn ensuring higher productivity. So let’s take a look at a few must-haves for a pleasant office breakroom:

Comfortable Seating

Your office breakroom should have more than just lunch room chairs. You can use some couches for employees who would want to relax and stretch their legs or add some comfortable, cushion seats which are different from typical office chairs to give your breakroom a more relaxed vibe. Regardless of the seats you choose, keep in mind that while choosing seating options for your breakroom, comfort should be an important deciding factor.

Lively Décor

Use vibrant colors and lively designs to decorate your breakroom. For variety sake the décor of this room could be different from the rest of your office décor. Your breakroom design should be relaxing and at the same time energizing. Since you do not need to maintain a formal environment here, you can play around with colors, designs and patterns to create an interesting breakroom for your office. The vital thing to keep in mind is, your breakroom should not feel like an extension of your office.


Your office breakroom could have at least one or two television sets depending on the size of your workplace. In this economy, when employees spend a majority of their time at work, it is a suggestion to include a television so that they can occasionally catch up on news or some other program. It could also serve as a great stress buster for your employees. When your employees get exhausted with work, this can be the hub for the office’s grapevine.

Lunch Tables

The primary function of your breakroom is to provide a place for employees where they can have their meals. So, along with comfortable lunch room chairs, you should also look for suitable lunch table options. You can check for used and new furniture options at The Office Marketplace. We provide a wide variety of furniture options required for office breakrooms for employers to choose from.


You can make your breakroom fun by adding a few gaming options. You can have a set of board games or set-up a table tennis area or a pool table. Playing games is not only a stress buster but also adds to the fun element of your breakroom. You can also use this room to have departmental birthday celebrations, parties, and events.

Shop for some great furniture at The Office Marketplace to design a comfortable breakroom for your employees. We sell used and new furniture options for offices and help create better working spaces for our partners.