4 Must-haves to Set Up Home Office During Coronavirus Pandemic

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December 2, 2019
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4 Must-haves to Set Up Home Office During Coronavirus Pandemic

Set Up Home Office During Coronavirus

COVID-19, generally known as Novel Coronavirus, is rapidly spreading all across the globe. And offices have provided work-from-home options to their employees keeping in mind the safety of their employees. The work from home option is helping everyone to keep their work running and earning their monthly income while being safe at home. A home office may not be able to give you the office-level comfort, which may make it more difficult for you to work. Below are some suggestions of home office furniture to help you work more comfortably. We also provide some tips on how to maintain and sanitize your home office furniture from Coronavirus.

1) Chairs

When you are making space for your office, the first and foremost thing you need is a place to sit. You won’t be able to work if you don’t have an appropriate chair in which to sit. So we suggest you get the best chair for yourself. You know the kind of chair you normally sit in at your office, so you can search for the same kind of chair on our online store. We have all kinds of chairs to chose from such as executive chairs, highback chairs, task chairs and many other options. To keep the chair clean and sanitized, use disinfectants and household cleaners and clean the chair with them regularly. This will aid in killing any virus on the surface of the chair.

2) Desk

After a chair, an office desk is helpful as it may be difficult to work just by keeping the laptop in your lap all the time.  You can easily work comfortably by keeping your computer or laptop on the desk as well as other essentials such as files, documents, stationery, books, phone, and many other things. The office desk can also give you proper eye-level with the laptop either with a monitor arm or riser. Check our website for the kind of office desk that would suit your needs. We have various types of desks such as single or double pedestal, L-shape, U-shape, height adjustable desk and other choices. You will also need to keep in mind to sanitize the desk surface periodically with disinfectant spray or wipes.

3) File Cabinet

Your desk may have the space to keep your essential things on it but you may need to invest in a file cabinet to organize your files. Sometimes there are some important files that you can’t keep in the open due to confidentiality agreements. The Office Marketplace stocks various file cabinets such as lateral, vertical legal, vertical letter, or mobile file pedestals. As you will be regularly using the file cabinet and touching it you will need to sanitize your hands often and sanitize the file cabinet with disinfectants.

4) Table

The cleaner your office desk is the more you will be able to focus on your work. An advantageous addition to your home office furniture would be a table. This gives the flexibility to eat in your work space and then get right back to the tasks at hand. The Office Marketplace stocks utility tables, small round meeting tables, task tables and even small folding tables to store more easily when not in use. Keep in mind to always sanitize your table with disinfectants after use.

These furniture items will give you a more efficient home office. But you will have to ensure that you are practicing the proper safety precautions. Clean your house regularly and spray disinfectants on heavily used surfaces. To sanitize the space, you can also use an alcohol solution that contains 70% or more ethyl alcohol. Take precautions adequately and contact the helpful staff at The Office Marketplace to outfit your home office today.