New VS Used Furniture: Which Is The Best Option For Your Workspace

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New VS Used Furniture: Which Is The Best Option For Your Workspace

Used metal cabinets

As a business owner, your first priority will always be to use funds wisely to reduce costs. If you own a startup, then the tendency to do this is higher. Startup owners tend to allocate all their resources to generate leads and attract customers. These days, with the availability of second-hand furniture like used metal cabinets, desks, chairs, tables, and shelves, business owners have the option of choosing between new or used furniture for their workspace. Below are some of the pros and cons of new vs. used furniture.

Used Furniture


  • Cost Efficiency: The most obvious benefit of buying used office furniture is that it is less costly compared to new office furniture. Many used furniture pieces have undergone minimal wear and tear and are available for a fraction of the price of new furniture.

  • Environment-friendly: If you are an environmental conservationist, then used furniture is the way to go. This will show you to be an environmentally conscious company.


  • Sometimes Fewer Options: One of the problems associated with buying used furniture is that many furniture shops have a limited number of options to choose from. However, The Office Marketplace has a wide range of used desks, chairs, filing cabinets and tables.

  • No Warranty: Many furniture shops don’t give you a warranty on used furniture. The Office Marketplace goes through each item in our used inventory to make sure each item is functioning properly. We also offer assistance if it ceases to function correctly, sometimes servicing units right here at our store!

New Furniture


  • A Plethora of Choices: When you opt for new furniture, you get to choose from a wide range of options. And, if you don’t find what you are looking for, then you can always get furniture made-to-order to suit your requirements.

  • Volume Discount: If you plan on buying new office furniture in bulk, then you might even get a discount on your purchase. Additionally, every piece of furniture will come with a warranty period.


  • Expensive: A major problem with buying new furniture is that you will have to pay more in comparison to previously-owned furniture. If you are setting up a new office, then this can be more costly.  However, The Office Marketplace has many different suppliers of new product so we can work within your budget.

So, this was a brief comparison between new vs. used furniture. The best option between the two will be dependent on the budget you wish to invest and the size of your business.