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Office Chair Maintenance

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Whether you spend 8 hours working in a big office or in a small cozy home office setup, having a comfortable office chair is a must. When you get to sit with ease and maintain your posture, your work gets done swiftly. For this reason, you spend a lot of time and money in getting the perfect office chair for yourself. After spending a good amount on the perfect chair, you would want it to last for a long time. So here are some ways that help you extend the life of your office chair.

Clean The Chair

The very first step in office chair maintenance is to keep it clean at all times. Your office chair comes in contact with dust on a regular basis. Do not let this dust build up and accumulate on the parts of the chair. Dust accumulation can cause the mechanism of the chair to work improperly and also effect the fabric so make sure you keep the chair clean.

Maintain The Upholstery

The upholstery of your chair is made of fabric and sponge. Though it may not look dirty, a lot of dust accumulates in the fabric and inside the sponge.  To combat this vacuum the seat and backrest once a week.

Check The Casters

The casters of your office chair are prone to grime accumulation due to moving parts in the casters. This accumulation can spoil the spindles of the wheel and make the chair difficult to move over time. To clean the casters, vacuum them periodically or remove them and wash them in mild dish detergent and warm water.

Tighten Every Screw

An office chair has various screws holding each part together. Over a period of time, these screws tend to loosen. If your chair loses a screw, the chair can malfunction and break. This can be prevented.  When you are cleaning the chair,  check every screw and tighten the ones that have loosened up.

Whether you work in a home office setup or in a large office, you are surrounded by equipment that makes your work easy. An office chair is also one such thing and just like the other equipment, it too requires maintenance from time to time. So, make sure you maintain your office chair to help it work its best. If you need to buy a new office chair, check out the selection of office chairs at The Office Marketplace.