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April 5, 2017
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April 5, 2017
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The Living™ Chair – Where Energy Meets Synergy. Lean back. Reach forward. Shift side-to-side. Make a move and the Living™ Chair responds effortlessly and in sync. The Living™ Chair is extraordinarily designed to support the need for greater comfort as workers engage for longer periods with more technology. The ergonomic seating solution moves naturally with body movements so that users sit in the chair – not on it. The Living™ Chair – True to Life.

Passive Seat Slider automatically adjusts to each user and distributes weight evenly without manual adjustment. Its unique responsiveness and pivot ergonomic arms that move forward/back, in/out, up/down supports an easy range of motion and postures, and puts tasks within comfortable reach.

Polished Aluminum Base and silver arm accents reflect a modern aesthetic, while three popular seat/back/trim color combinations deliver the visual appeal today’s spaces command.

Pliable Elastoplast back with pivot point construction provides constant back support that flexes to follow users’ movements as they reach, recline, lean and shift.

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Living Chair

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