3 Lighting Alternatives To Brighten Up Your Office Décor

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3 Lighting Alternatives To Brighten Up Your Office Décor

office lighting ideas

Gone are the days when workspaces were full of dull whites and grays with only fluorescent lights to add some brightness. Today, modern workspaces are opting for creative décor. Shared workspaces and offices with sofas, lounge areas, and bright colours are a common scenario. Not only does this offer an appeal to the aesthetics but also caters to the ergonomic factor.

Lighting influences emotions, which in turn impacts productivity. A right combination of creativity and lighting would work great for your office. And, how can you do that? Read on to find some office lighting ideas to add a touch of brightness and boost employee productivity at your workspace.

1. Utilize Pot Lights

Pot lights are a great option if you wish to give your office a more spacious and airy look. This lighting option comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose from various shapes like linear, round, square and more. Select the size and brightness as per your office space.

2. Try Oversized Pendant Lights

Oversized lighting fixtures can add some zest to your office space. Oversized pendants brighten up the space and work well in huge offices with high ceilings. When done right, they not only look trendy but also offer a positive vibe to the office. And, a perfectly lit and cozy environment means potentially higher employee productivity. You can choose from different shapes, sizes, and colour as per your preference. For co-working spaces and creative professions, bright colour pendants can level up the creative quotient.

3. Use Task Lights

Another alternative to lighting ideas in offices is task lights. Every employee is different. Some may prefer only natural light, while others may want artificial and bright light all day long. Here’s where task lighting can be beneficial. This type of lighting is focused on a specific area instead of the entire office. Task lights come in various forms and are often adjustable to suit individual preferences. You can choose from adjustable task lights, asymmetric task lights, under-shelf luminaires, etc. Apart from being efficient, these lights can suit employee preference increasing their productivity.

4. Natural Light

One of the best and simplest ways to brighten your office space is by letting in natural light. You can use sunlight in several creative ways through windows available in a variety of shapes or with many options of window coverings.

A balance of natural and artificial lighting décor works best for a workspace. For more décor solutions, connect with Office Marketplace and we will be happy to help.