4 Ways To Make Your Office Desk More Ergonomic

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September 8, 2017
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4 Ways To Make Your Office Desk More Ergonomic

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‘Ergonomic’ is the buzzword when it comes to office décor these days. According to the Oxford dictionary, ergonomics is, “the study of working conditions, especially the design of equipment and furniture, in order to help people work more efficiently.” Inspired by these changing trends, companies have started recognizing the benefits of making their workspace more ergonomic. This has led to offices opting for ergonomic seating, ergonomic lighting, and ergonomic desks and work stations. These work settings not only help in improving your office décor but also enhance your employees’ productivity.

Here’s a closer look at the process of making your office desk more ergonomic:

1. Find Your Natural Posture

Before you decide on purchasing your office desk, get a clear understanding of your natural posture. To do this, sit on your office seat behind your desk. In this position, your feet should be touching the floor, and your hands should be kept on your lap. Your back should not be perfectly straight but must maintain a convex tilt. This is the natural posture in which your body is at its most comfortable. So take a note of this position and check for furniture options that support this posture well.

2. Use A Desk Without Under-Surface Storage

A desk with drawers or any form of storage is usually a great idea. But, from an ergonomics point of view, using a desk with storage may affect your correct seating position. The space taken by a centre drawer under the surface of your desk increases the thickness of the upper surface of your desk. This may make it difficult for you to bring your chair within the desk space. You could opt for a desk with a lower surface which allow you to sit comfortably and provide support to your natural posture.

3. Opt For A Height-Adjustable Desk

Years ago the only height adjustable option in an office was the chair. But now there are height-adjustable desks available on the market. These aid in an ergonomic desk setup and complement your seating arrangements. With an adjustable desk and seat height, you can also make sure that your elbows are kept at an angle of 90 degrees or less.

4. Position Your Screen Properly

The best way to check if your screen is placed correctly or not is by sitting back and extending your arm. The tips of your middle fingers should touch the screen of your computer or laptop. This is the right spot. You should align your seating, the position of your keyboard and mouse accordingly to match this alignment.

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