4 Ways To Optimize Your File Organization And Storage

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August 2, 2017
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August 16, 2017
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4 Ways To Optimize Your File Organization And Storage

Filing Ideas for Office

Organizing the filing system is vital to streamlining your workspace and ensuring your operations are in proper order. If all your important documents are stored and organized in an efficient manner, your work productivity can be greater. Having functional and quality storage solutions can also save your company money. The Office Marketplace offers solutions if you are running out of storage space in your office or looking for more advanced filing solutions to store all your important documents.

To get you started, here are a few easy to implement filing ideas for your office to optimize your storage:

1) Try an Ottofile Storage Ottoman

Ottofile Storage Ottoman

Place an Ottofile ottoman beside your file cabinet to store all your documents temporarily until you move them to a permanent storage space. You can also keep small items of regular use such as pens and notebooks handy inside this multi-purpose ottoman. As the Ottoman file comes in two different colours you can colour-code your documents and store them separately.

2) Use a Vertical File Cabinet

Use A Vertical File Cabinet

Store all your important papers efficiently by creating a filing system. This will not only ensure proper storage but also make the process of searching for these documents easier and swifter. Multiple storage options from Office Marketplace like the vertical file cabinet can help you create a convenient filing system for your office. This commercial grade cabinet takes minimum space and comes in 2-drawer and 4-drawer to accommodate all your legal paperwork comfortably. It also provides hanging options for files and folders to maximize your storage capacity.

3) Get a Desk with Multiple Drawers

By installing a multi-utility desk you can clear out all the books and paperwork on your desk that you do not need on a regular basis and stack them neatly inside a drawer. Opt for a wood veneer desk to add an elegant touch to your workspace. Or you can go for some sleeker Mayline models to give your office a more contemporary look and store all your documents and files efficiently.

4) Shred Disposable Papers

Shredding solves a majority of piling issues and helps in keeping your workspace neat and organized. The Office Marketplace offers a number of different models of paper shredders. You can shred the following types of documents on a regular basis:

  • Utility bills – Shred all the bills and receipts that you have already paid or opt for online billing options to avoid unnecessary paperwork.

  • Pay stubs from prior years – Regularly shred pay stubs from previous years to clean out your storage spaces.

  • Bank and ATM receipts – Opt for online receipts or net-banking options and shred bank and ATM receipts regularly.

Keep these filing and storage options in mind to keep your space organized and clean. To find better file storage solutions for your workspace, consult the furniture representatives at The Office Marketplace today.